Cosmic Compass
A Soul Strategy Game

What is the Cosmic Compass Game?
The Cosmic Compass Game is an innovative Soul-Strategy game that allows you to tap into all of the subconscious information that you have accumulated in your mind throughout the course of your entire life. The magic of the game is that it allows you to do this by guiding you through your subconscious without having to work hard.
The Cosmic Compass is a game that connects the heart and mind through an adventure of revelations and a journey of discovery. It is a game where the player is already the winner! It is a game of insight, thinking, and reflection, allowing you to determine life choices that are aligned with your life’s purpose and heart’s desires. You can map your life, discover your purpose, clear any obstacles, find resolutions, develop your intuitive skills, and do all of those while having fun!

Who can play?
The game is recommended for anyone between the age of 16 and 150! It is perfect whoever is ready for true self-actualization through self-awareness. Since it supports personal growth, it is an amazing tools for professional life coaches, personal and family counselors and other mindful guides. It is an inspiring experience for professional matters in corporate settings and invaluable for the entrepreneur’s constant, conscious and purposeful evolution.

What is the story of the game?
The Cosmic Compass
The little master in the box…

In 2008, tired of continuously failing my clients by not offering them an enlightening and entertaining way to help themselves, I gave my soul an ultimatum:

“You have 48 hours to send me a sign, something unusual, that lets me know how I can help people help themselves or else I am better off working at the cash register of the next door grocery store.”

That was my final draw. I was ready to surrender the big dream, the wild visions and the great idea of changing the world. I committed to let go of all of my clients, shut down the business and move onto the next adventure and whatever this next adventure was, I was going to accept it with all my heart.

The very next night, I was woken up at 3AM and as I focused on silence, I clearly saw an unfamiliar and naive layout emerging from within. This design was the first draw of what became the blueprint of the Cosmic Compass Game and the foundation of all of the Conscious Catalyst programs that I offer now.

Two and half week later, the Intuitive Blueprint was fully designed and two and half months later, after a series of synchronicity that led me to piece the puzzle together, the first prototype of the Cosmic Compass was created.

After many trials, failures and success in the process of perfecting the usage, understanding, playability without taking the essence of the wisdom it contains, the current was released in 2010.

Since then, the game has transformed hundreds of lives and guided many souls from confusion to clarity and from doubt to purpose. It has never failed astonishing, enlightening and awing those who have dared playing it. Perfect for self-discovery, The Cosmic Compass is destined to support your self-awareness and effortlessly help you reveal the clues to find your greatest life.

You too now, can play Your Way Home…

How to play?
The Cosmic Compass Online Experience could not be simpler! It all begins with a question!
1. Ask yourself a question
2. Press the “get your answer” button
3. Receive your answer and read it
4. Journal your discoveries and realizations.

Which question should I ask?
You may wonder which question is best to ask… Everyone does! Although every question is worth being asked, the most appropriate is “What is important for me to know now?”.
Why is it the most appropriate?
Because when you ask this question, you ensure that your mind focuses on the most significant information at that very point of time.

What do I do with my answer?
Your answer is given to you in a form of a sentence. This sentence acts as a trigger for your mind to retrieve a series of information connected to your question. Here are the 3 steps on how to use these data:
Record every pieces of information that comes through your mind
Begin to journal about them and how they connect to each other and your question
Create an action step to help you implement and integrate the learning discovered through your introspective exploration.

Here is a example:
Question: What is important for me to know now?
Answer: You have dormant creative abilities

1) Pieces of information that come through: Painting, healing, expressing myself, intuitive skills, artistry, I was painting as a child.
2) Journaling: My work is taking me most of my time and energy and yet it is does not bring me any real sense of fulfillment. I realize that I have left behind my love for art, designing and creativity to make a living and I seem to have forgotten to enjoy life with art.
3) Action step: Within the next 48 hours, go purchase a canvas, paints and brushes and this weekend, explore my creative side through painting.

What do the 6 compass points describe?
The Cosmic Compass uses 6 points to guide your mind into clarity. Each point has its own significance which provides an even greater meaning to your answer.
The specific answer’s point you get helps you interpret the sentence as follow:

1) Destination: This is what you wish to experience. This is what your mind yearns to discover about you, live or know.
2) Path: This is an information that offers you the most direct and enjoyable path to your personal growth.

1) Challenge: This is what tends to get in the way or slow your personal growth
2) Tool: This is what allows you to overcome, move through or diffuse the challenge you are currently facing.
3) Fuel: This is what helps you continue your personal growth journey.
4) Home: This is what helps you feel balanced while you are exploring, learning and evolving.

What are the 3 top benefits of journaling?
Personal growth is simply about self-awareness. The greater your awareness, the clearer your realization, the more adequate your implementation and integration and as a result the more enjoyable and meaningful the evolution.

Here are the top 3 benefits of journaling:
1) Self-awareness: Journaling is the process through which information stored in mind becomes fully known. Thoughts turn into written sentences and feelings attached to them turn into conscious self-realizations.
2) Self-mastery: Journaling offers a voice to our inner-master which always knows best about what we truly need and how to make it happen. It develops self-confidence and self-esteem.
3) Essential Records: Your journal is the guardian of your intimacy and the witness of your individual evolution.

How often should I play?
You can play the game anytime you encounter a situation that requires deeper clarity or every time you search for a guidance and directions in your life. Of course, you can simply play it every day as a focused mindset practice to train your awareness skills and your Conscious-Life lifestyle!

How can I get the full Cosmic Compass Experience?
The Cosmic Compass Online Experience is a spin-off of a complete LIVE experience called the Cosmic Compass Soiree. These soirees are currently offered in the Austin TX area every month. You can also contact me to inquire about Private Cosmic Compass Soiree, 1-1 Cosmic Compass Sessions or packages.

“It’s not often that I’m speechless.  However, that’s exactly what I was after I turned over my first card in the game (Well, after a few choice words that basically conveyed shock and awe).   Why speechless?  Because the card revealed the very thing that I had been hiding from for decades. The very path my soul most feared – using a gift I have been blessed with; however, one that does not “fit” within the carefully chosen structure of my life.  But, in the moment the card was shown, I knew I could no longer deny it, for my very inquiry was, “How do I find meaning in my life right now?”

Is the game life changing?  Only if you want it to be.  That’s what I loved.  The game merely reveals what your soul wants you to know – it’s still your life and you are still in charge.  The game is truly and brilliantly inspired, of that, I have no doubt.

Jennifer Quinn
Business Owner and Author