An Adventure
of Revelations


A Soul Strategy Experience


“I will never forget my first encounter with the Cosmic Compass and its creator, Aline Hanle. I was at a dramatic crossroad juncture in my life and felt so confused about how to move forward. Aline invited me to ask my deepest questions and allow the Cosmic Compass process to reveal the truth. I was stunned by the accuracy of the answers which came forth during that session. My life has unfolded in beautiful ways since then and I am grateful for the clarity and confidence which emerged from the fog after this experience.”

Jacob Nordby – Author
The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening
Founder of

Play the Game

Play as often as you like with a Cosmic Compass account.

The Cosmic Compass game is a tool destined to deepen your self-awareness. It allows you to find ways of thinking and reflection to determine life choices that are aligned with your life purpose and your heart desire.

With a Cosmic Compass account, you can play the game as often as you like, and we encourage frequent check-ins! Your sessions will be recorded and archived for reference so you can review your discoveries and revelations.

Journal Your Thoughts

All insights are private and recorded to your account.

Each session includes the ability to journal and reflect on your Cosmic Compass experience. These session archives are extremely valuable to be able to re-visit past sessions and assess your insights, progress and spiritual discovery.

Each journal entry will include your Question, the Cosmic Compass card you randomly receive, and your journal reflections. Journaling is optional, but highly encouraged!

Review and Reflect

Game sessions and journal entries are archived to review your insights.

We encourage Cosmic Compass Adventurers to review the Cosmic Compass Game session archives to view their Cosmic Compass history! You may encounter new discoveries in reviewing your Questions and Journals.

All Cosmic Compass sessions and journal entries are private and only available for review with your account login.